Java programming language – why is it worth it in 2022?

Although it was established over 25 years ago, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages. In 2016, it operated on over 15 billion devices. It is almost 2 times more than people in the world! Why is Java still so popular and still being used by developers?

What is the Java programming language?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It belongs to class-based object-oriented languages. It is characterized by great versatility – you can use it on Windows, Linux or MAC systems. In addition, it works on virtually all types of devices – personal computers, notebooks, smartphones, consoles or data centers.

Although it was created many years ago, specifically in 1995, in May 2022 it was the third most used environment among programmers. This certainly proves its persistent popularity. What’s more, many companies that are highly successful in 2022 use Java. It’s hard not to know players such as Gmail, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn or OpenOffice today. The largest trading platform in the world, Amazon, also uses Java.

The popularity of the language is also evidenced by the fact that, according to Meetup, its community is the third largest in the world. There are over 1,700 groups active around the globe with around 1.6 million members. Additionally, Java is the 3rd most numerous programming language on Github – at the end of March 2022 there were over 1.1 million projects.

Why is Java still popular?

First of all, Java is distinguished by its simplicity and universality. Its creators were guided by the slogan: “Write once, run anywhere.” As a result, programs written even several years ago can still be run on modern devices and browsers. Java is designed to make programming, compiling and debugging as intuitive and efficient as possible. It also allows the creation of modular programs. That way the code once written can be reused.

Moreover, Java was the first environment for many, 16% of developers to be exact. This is due to easy access to many resources of knowledge that beginners are eager to reach. In addition, there are still many offers for Java Developers on the job market – developers of this language are among the most in demand on the job market. According to the 2020 report, only in the United States the slogan “Java” appeared in 23,557 job offers.

Java frameworks

Java as a class-based object-oriented language uses numerous frameworks, libraries, and components. Thanks to this, the use of this technology brings a number of business benefits. Due to the availability of frameworks, programming in Java is fast and requires fewer developer hours than when using some other technologies. Moreover, the code written with the help of frameworks is easier to maintain and develop, thanks to which the final cost of software development is much lower.

The most popular Java frameworks and libraries include:

  • Spring – used to shorten application development time by keeping the code clean;
  • Hibernate – a library that is used to communicate with databases through the use of object-relational mapping;
  • Struts – a framework used to create web applications and to optimize and simplify code testing;
  • JFS – allows to build complex user interfaces and the visual layer of the application.

Application of Java

Many programmers refer to Java as the universal language with which you can program anything. Its advantages are used by the largest corporations in the world. However, there are projects where Java is highly recommended.

As this language works in many environments and on many platforms, it is perfect for the production of video games, mobile, web and desktop applications. Additionally, Java is often used for:

  • scientific applications such as foreign language courses;
  • data analysis software;
  • web tools that are used by many sectors of the economy – from government websites, through small businesses, to enterprises related to health care or insurance;
  • mobile applications, in particular those created for Android;
  • e-mail software – platforms such as Gmail and Outlook were created with its use.

Why choose Java in 2022?

If you are considering Java for your project, it is likely to be a good decision. As we have shown, Java is not a dying language, but a universal and stable environment that will provide you not only with significant opportunities, but also savings and convenience.

  • Programming in Java will allow you to gain:
  • easy access to numerous libraries and ready-made solutions
  • safety, versatility and stability
  • the ability to create a program that runs on any device and operating system
  • simple integration of the resulting software with popular services
    contact with a large and helpful community.


Java has been around for over 25 years and will certainly be in use for decades to come. Its versatility, stability and simplicity make Java still a very popular language. In 2022, it is still used by many top-tier companies that, among others, thanks to Java, achieve spectacular success.

If you’re considering Java programming right now and you’re looking for a tech partner to help you with that, you’ve come to the right place. At Positive Geeks, we specialize in this technology and we have a dozen or so experienced Senior Java Developers on board who perfectly understand the specifics of this environment and create Java-based applications on a daily basis. If you need advice or would like to start a project in this technology, please contact us – we will be able to advise you on the right solutions.