What we offer

It is not important to us whether you are a private person, you represent a startup or a corporation. If you have an idea for an IT solution – we can help you create it and present it to the world! We will support its implementation to the extent you need – providing the selected stage of the project or constructing it from concept, through planning, design, development, testing, implementation, to “premiere” and maintenance. We want to create both modern and functional products so that their use is intuitive for the end user. We approach each cooperation individually to always provide a solution that addresses specific needs of our client.

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What we do best

With deep industry knowledge and broad technology experience, we can proudly create innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We insist on delivering outcomes that will set you apart as a leader in your field. As trusted strategic partners, we strive for better experiences for our customers, greater ROI and faster turnaround. With transparency and passion we provide end to end services from advisory over development and implementation to operation of high quality IT solutions.


We start each project with a very thorough interview, which allows us to get to know the client’s expectations and his ideas about the new product. As part of the design phase, we transfer these ideas to UX / UI projects while maintaining the principles of design and best practices.

The prototype prepared in this phase is used for the presentation and assessment of compliance with the original assumptions. It is also used for focus research conducted on a selected group of recipients.

At this stage, we estimate the budget necessary to implement the product in its basic version enabling market launch. The cost assessment also includes estimates related to further product development and potential changes resulting from the analysis of the market response to the presented MVPs.


Building an appropriate technological stack is the first, but extremely important step in designing a product architecture. Our many years of experience allow us to choose the best technologies, frameworks, libraries and other resources from the commercial and OSS market.

Thanks to the proper selection of these elements, the created application will work efficiently and will ensure high security standards.

The architecture we design always remains flexible and susceptible to necessary changes over time. However, we always try to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the solution, regardless of whether it is a cloud service or on-premise.


Agile methodologies which has been used in our work, facilitates planning and provides better control over the tasks performed. The iterative way of building solutions used in Scrum organizes and gives rhythm to the teams implementing the project – in our case, in two-week periods.

Each such period – called a sprint, provides new, finished, fully tested and working functionalities of the solution being built.

During the work on the project, we also care about the quality of the final effect by building our software with various types of tests. Starting with unit code tests and ending with automatic ‘end to end’ tests. Such action allows you to catch even the smallest inconsistencies and errors at a very early stage of product development. At a later stage, it reduces the time necessary to finally launch the application.


Unlike cascade methodologies, in which the concept of implementation is understood as the delivery and launch of the final version of the product, the agile design methodologies (SCRUM) we use allow for faster availability of software for everyday operational work.

This means that the most important functions of the software being developed are delivered first.

Process automation is an additional element that allows you to reduce the time of subsequent implementations. Our DevOps team makes sure that every change accepted in the code repository is automatically transferred to the test environments, where it is thoroughly checked by specialized robots. If the quality control is successful, the change goes to the production environment. All the above-mentioned activities are carried out in a way that ensures no downtime of the already operating system.

How do we work

Our development team consists of architects, software engineers, testers and Scrum Masters. We focus on the continuous improvement of our specialists. We create and develop modern applications that meet even the highest expectations of our customers. We operate in the Scrum methodology, which allows us to work on the projects in an agile and flexible way.

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Technology is not only our job, but also our passion. Many of us follow with interest the rapidly developing technologies and the changes they bring. We perfectly understand how important it is to share the vision and participate in the education of the market. Thinking about our clients, but also other readers open to knowledge and news from the world of technology – we create materials published on our blog.